Creating an Assignment in VoiceThread

Part 1: Instructions on using the Assignment Builder

  1. Click the link VT you've just created by going to Build Content and selecting VoiceThread. You'll see three or four options, similar to this. Click on the Assignment Builder option.


  2. Select Type of Assignment you wish to create from the three options listed below.

    • Create VoiceThread - require students to create and submit a VoiceThread

    • Submit Comment - require students to submit 'x' comments on one of your provided VoiceThreads

    • Watch VoiceThread - require students to watch one of your provided VoiceThreads

Part 2: Grading VoiceThread Assignment

  • Once the VoiceThread Assignment is setup, click on its link to enter the VoiceThread Grader for that assignment.

  • It lists all students on the right hand side?categorized by Submitted and Not Submitted.

  • VoiceThread provides an option to send out email reminders to students that have not yet submitted.

  • For each student with submissions, click on the provided links to examine their work.

  • Enter a grade for a student on a scale of 0-100 and press enter. (Grading in VoiceThread is always done on a percentage scale.)

  • Grades entered for this assignment will automatically appear in the appropriate column in the Classes Gradebook.


Once an assignment has been set to behave in a certain way, its behavior can't be changed.  The requirements and submission policies are locked in. The instructor can edit the actual VoiceThread to add or remove slides and post more comments, but they can't change the parameters of the assignment itself.