ePortfolio: Syllabus Statement

Copy and paste this statement into your syllabus.


ePortfolios are a means of collecting, selecting and reflecting on your academic work and other materials that will be useful in your  professional life. It enables you to post files, images, videos and blogs that reflect your success and progress as a student while enriching your learning, preparing you for your field of work, and sharpening your technological skills.

Students can use their ePortfolio to enhance their course experience by interacting with classmates and easily sharing and discussing information. This does not replace the functions of Blackboard; rather it enhances them by encouraging reflection, blogging, and saving individual files.  Also, unlike Blackboard, you will have access to all the work you post on your ePortfolio account after the course has ended.

In addition to sharing your ePortfolio with your professor in this course, you can share any or all of your ePortfolio pages with others, including family, friends, peers and potential employers.  The ePortfolio’s ability to create a polished and professional image makes it a great tool to use when searching for internships and jobs and to continue adding to throughout your college experience and beyond.

To log on to your ePortfolio, go to http://eportfolio.pace.edu You can also find the ePortfolio under “E” as part of the A-Z index on the Pace Home Page.