ePortfolio: Adding a Tagxedo

This tutorial will show you how to add a Tagxedo word cloud to your ePortfolio.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to www.tagxedo.com 
    Tagxedo Home Page
  2. Fill in one of the six content sources for your word cloud.

    Tagxedo Content Sources Widget

    -URL will take words from a webpage
    -Twitter ID will take words from a twitter feed
    -Del.icio.us ID will take words from Del.icio.us
    -News will take words from news stories based on the word or phrase you type
    -Search will ake words from a Google search of the word
    -RSS will take words from an RSS feed

    Before clicking submit, choose the shape of your word cloud (you will have more choices later so don’t worry too much about this).

  3. You will be directed to the Creator page, where you can personalize further.

    Tagxedo Creator Page
  4. The arrows going in a circular motion Shuffle the settings, The locks Lock a setting (in case you want to shuffle the other settings but keep that one the same), and the arrows let you manually choose.

    Red box around Font Settings

  5. To change the shape, click the arrow next to Shape, you will come across many options to choose from.

    Red Box around Shape Menu

  6. To customize words, click Word Layout Options. It will bring you to the Layout” tab, with settings you can alter for the layout of your words.

    Red box around Word and Layout Options
  7. In the “Word” tab you can change the settings based on the kinds of words you want to have.

    Red box around Word tab
  8. In the “Skip” tab, a list of all the words in your Tagxedo will appear. To “skip” a word simply click on it, and it will turn yellow. If you skip a word it won’t appear anywhere on your Tagxedo.

    Skip Page

  9. The “Advanced” tab is for advanced options such as opacity.

    Red box around Advanced

  10. Once you are done with your Tagxedo, you can publish it via Facebook or Twitter, or save it directly from the website.

    Red box around Save and Share and Social Media Icons

  11. After logging in to ePortfolio, select My ePortfolio. Then on the bottom right-hand corner of the page tile that you wish to display your Tagxedo on, click the More... icon and then click Edit. 

    Red box around My ePortfolio tab, Pages and collections, More... Icon, and Edit

  12. Click on “Image” from the blocks and drag it to where you would like the image to appear on the page.

    Red box around Image

  13. You can give your Tagxedo a title in the Block title box, or you can omit a title by putting a space. Click the Images button.

    Red box around Block Title and Image

  14. Check off the box next to “Upload File” and click “Choose Files” to browse your computer for the Tagxedo.

    Red box around Yes check box and Choose Files

  15. You can adjust the width from if you wish to do so. Then click Save at the bottom.

    Red box around Width Box and Save

  16. Your Tagxedo word cloud will appear on your page.

    Tagxedo on ePortfolio Page