ePortfolio: Sharing Pages & Collections

This tutorial demonstrates how to share a page or collection on ePortfolio.

Step-by-step guide

  1. After logging in to ePortfolio, click on the Share button. 

    Red box around share button

  2. At the top of the page select Collections or Pages. Click the gray lock icon next to the collection or page you want to share.

    Red box around collections and pages

  3. Confirm that the page(s) or collection(s) you would like to share are displayed. You can share multiple pages/collections at once.

    Red box around Pages search box

  4. There are several options to sharing you page/collections:

    Open to a select group of Pace ePortfolio users who you’ve friended, or whose friend request you have accepted.
    GROUPS: Open to Pace ePortfolio groups of your choosing. No membership required.
    USERS: Open to individual Pace ePortfolio users of your choosing.
    PUBLIC: Anyone, in or outside of the Pace Community, will be able to view your page/collection. Your pages will show up when searched for in a search engine such as Google. If you choose this option, you can use the following URL to share your pages/collection: https://eportfolio.pace.edu/public/YourUsername
    REGISTERED USERS: Open to anyone on the pace Community who logs into ePortfolio. Note that the “Share with my institutions” setting is the same as the “Registered users” setting.

    Shared with drop down menu

  5. Once you click an option from the drop down menu, it will appear in your SHARED WITH list. We recommend leave the Access Start date/time and Access end date/time blank.

  6. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save those permissions. 

    Red box around Save