Uploading Kaltura Videos Into Blackboard Course Work

If you need to upload a video to a content area in Blackboard, follow this tutorial.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Choose a content area that you would like to upload your video into. Click Build Content and Kaltura Media.

  2. Click Add New and then click Media Upload.
    A Red Box around Add New. A Red Box around Media Upload.

  3. Choose a file from your computer that you would like to upload.
    A Red Box around Choose a file to upload.

  4. Fill out the details and click Save. Click back.
    A Red Box around Save at the bottom.

  5. Click Select to embed this video.
    A Red Box around Select on the right side.

  6. Click Embed.
    A Red Box around Embed on the right side.

  7. Add a title to your video and customize the options. When you are done, click Submit.
    A Red Box around the Title. A Red Box around the Description text box.
    A Red Box around Submit at the bottom of the Forum.