ePortfolio: Create Collection

A collection is a linked set of pages, all with the same permissions.  You can create an academic collection of pages, a professional one, and a job search one.  You can make as many collections as you would like.

Step-by-step guide

  1. After logging into ePortfolio
    1. Select the Navigation Bar (1)
    2. Click on the arrow next to "My ePortfolio" (2)
    3. Click Pages and collections (3)

  2. Click "Add"
  3. Click Collection.

    Red box around Collections tab

  4. Under Collection Name, create a title for the collection. You may also add a description. Click Next: Edit collection pages when finished.

    Red box around Collection Name, Collection Description and Next

  5. Here you can select the pages you want displayed in the collection. When you’re finished, click Done.

    Red box around check box, add page and done