ePortfolio: Adding Comments

This tutorial will show you how to add and receive comments on pages.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the page where you wish to place feedback and scroll to the bottom to see the Add Comment section. Add your comments and click the Comment button to place your comment.

    Red box around comment box and comment button
  2. To be able to receive comments, make sure your pages are set to allow comments. To do this, go to My ePortfolio and click Shared by me.

    Red box around My ePortfolio tab and Shared By Me tab
  3. Click the Edit Access button next to the page where you wish to receive feedback.

    Red box around grey lock icon

  4. Click Advanced Options.

    Red box around Advanced Options drop down

  5. Check Allow Comments.

    Red box around Allow Comments

  6. Scroll down, and click Save.

    Red box around save