ePortfolio: Managing Your Files

This tutorial will show you how to store content in a private section of your ePortfolio that can later be transferred on any page.

Step-by-step guide

  1. After logging into ePortfolio, select the Content tab and click on Files

    Red box around Content Tab and Files

  2. To upload a file, check the box next to Upload File to verify that you own the file or have permission to upload it. Then click Choose Files.

    Red box around Yes check box and Choose Files
  3. Select the file from your computer and click Open.

    Red box around Open

  4. A green bar will pop up and say “Upload of [file name] complete”, indicating that your file has been uploaded correctly.

    Red box around green bar Upload Complete
    The file will be highlighted in grey in your files section. Note that the files are listed alphabetically.

    Red box around highlighted file
  5. To create a folder, type the name of the folder in the text box below the browser button. Click Create folder.

    Red box around Create Folder

  6.  To move files into this folder, drag them by the file icon into the folder icon.

    Red box around Folder one and File with an arrow pointing from file to folder

**Note that your Files section is only accessible to you. However, you can share these files by uploading them on any of your ePortfolio pages.