ePortfolio: Creating and Displaying a Journal

This tutorial will show you how to create a journal and display it on a page where others can view it.

Step-by-step guide

How to Create a Journal

  1. After logging in to ePortfolio, click “Settings” in the upper right hand corner.

    Red box around Settings
  2. Click “yes” on the box Multiple journals.

    Multiple Journals Button
  3. To create a journal, click the Content tab and then click on the Journal tab.

    Red box around Content Tab and Journals
  4. Click “Create Journal” to start a new journal.

    Red box around Create Journals
  5. Title your journal, give it a description (optional) and click “Create journal”.

    Red Arrows Pointing to Title and Entry text boxes and Red box around Create Journal
  6. This journal will now appear in your Journals secion. Click New Entry to add an entry to your journal. 
    *Note: Your journal will remain private until you display it on at least one of your ePortfolio pages. 

    Red box around New Entry
    How to Display a Journal

  7. Click My ePortfolio, then click Pages and collections. On the bottom right corner of the page tile of the page you want to display your journal click on the More... icon and then click Edit.

    Red box around My ePortfolio tab and More... icon and Edit

  8. Click the “Journals” tab from the menu on the left. Note the four different ways to display your journal.

    -The Journal tab will display one entire Journal of your choice.

    -The Journal Entry tab will display one Journal entry of your choice.

    -Recent Journal Entries will display the most recent entries from a Journal of your choice.

    -Tagged Journal Entries will display all Journal entries with a specific tag.

    Drag and drop your chosen icon onto your page.

    Red box around Journals

  9. Select the journal you wish to place on your page and click Save

    Red box around Selection circle and Save