Allowing Students to Share Kaltura Videos

Follow this tutorial to allow your students to share video files using Kaltura.

Step-by-step guide

  1. On the homepage of your Blackboard course create a new Module page, name it, and click Submit.
    Red Box around Module Page.
    Red Box around submit at the bottom.

  2. The new link will be at the bottom of the left-hand column. A white box with a grey line going through it indicates that this module is not visible to students in the course. Scroll over to the page link you created until you see a downward-facing arrow. Click, Show Link.
    Red Box around the white box on the right side of Student Videos. Circle around the down arrow. Red Box around Show Link.

  3. You can then move this link to where you would like it in your course menu. Hover over it and move your mouse to the left-hand side of the text until you see the cursor change and then move the link.
    Red Box around the arrow on the left side of Student Videos.
    Red Box around Student Videos in its new location.

  4. To upload videos and make them downloadable, go to the My Media repository, which is the personal video repository in Kaltura. In order to do this, click on the My Resource Page link as shown below.  
    Red Box around My Resource Page at the top.

  5. Then navigate to My Media.
    Red Box around My Media on the homepage.

  6. Next, click on Add New > Media Upload under the My Media tab.
    Red Box around Add New. Red Box around Media Upload.

  7. Click on Choose a file to upload, navigate to the file on your local drive, and click open.
    Red Box around Choose a file to upload.
    Red Box around the video you want to upload.

  8. You will now see the video in your My Media Gallery, along with any other Media you have uploaded. Press Edit.
    Red Box around the pencil icon on the right hand side of the video.

  9. Click on the Downloads menu button.
    Red Box around Downloads at the bottom of the video.

  10. Choose the file type(s) that you would like to make available to others and click Save.
    Red Box around the file type of your desire. A Red Box around Save.

  11. Navigate back to My Media through My Resource Page.
    Red Box around My Resource Page at the top.

    Red Box around My Media.

  12. Put a check mark next to the video that you would like to share, select the Actions menu from the top-right of the screen and choose Publish. Select the course(s) you would like to publish. Click, Save.
    Red Box around the check box on the left hand side of the video.

     Red Box around the Published check mark. Red box around the Course and a Red Box around Save.

  13. Navigate back to the course and the Student Videos section where you will see your video in Media Gallery
    Red Box around the video in you Media Gallery.

  14. Click on the video and choose the download button, which will allow you (and others) to download your video in the formats you selected in Step #10
    Red Box around the download button. A Red Box around the source at the bottom.