ePortfolio: Guide for TAP

This tutorial serves as a guide for setting up the Tenure and Promotion (TAP) eDossier Template page and files.

Step-by-step guide

Part I: Copying the TAP Template

  1. After logging in to ePortfolio, select My ePortfolio. Then, under Pages and collections, click Copy. 

    Red box around My ePortfolio and Copy

  2. Search for the page titled “Tenure and Promotion (TAP) eDossier TEMPLATE” by the Academic Portfolio Workshop.

    Red box around Search Box
  3. Once you find the page, select Copy Page.

    Red box around Copy Page
  4. Click Save on the copied page. 

    Red box around Save
  5. Once the page is saved, you will be taken to the editing mode of your TAP page. There you will see a list of empty folders. To populate these folders with your files, follow the instructions below.

    Green Page Saved Successfully message


Part II: Populating the Folders

  1. Click on the ePortfolio icon to be taken back to the Homepage.

    Red box around ePortfolio Icon

  2. Once at the homepage, select the Content tab. Then click Files. 

    Red box around Content Tab and Files
  3. As you scroll down the Files page you will see all of your files and folders. Select the Viewfiles folder, this is the folder where your TAP subfolders are located. 

    Red box around viewfiles
  4. Within “Viewfiles” there will be another subfolder with a 6 digit number with the description “Files copied from Tenure and Promotion (TAP) eDossier TEMPLATE.” Click the title of the folder.

    Red box around Title of Folder

  5. You can now see your list of TAP folders. Here you can populate each folder with files from your computer of flash drive. For example, to upload a document in the Executive Summary folder, click the title of the folder.

    List of Files
  6. To upload a file, select the box next to “Yes” and browse your computer for the file.

    Red box around Yes check box and Upload
  7. Once the file is done uploading it will be highlighted on the bottom of the page, within the folder.

    Red box around Green Upload Complete message and File Name

    You will need to drag and drop the file to the appropriate folder.

  8. Now when you go onto your TAP page, your file will automatically be on the page underneath the subheading. Repeat steps 5-7 for each folder.

    Tenure and Promotion ePortfolio Page