Embed Kaltura Media in ePortfolio

You have the ability to embed Kaltura videos in ePortfolio page.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to your Classes and select Tools, and then click on the My Media link.

  2. You should create a video by using one of the below options, which can be posted to your ePortfolio:

    Media Upload (see steps 1-3 in Uploading Kaltura Videos into Blackboard Course Documents tutorial for instructions on how to upload a video).

    Webcam Recording (see the Webcam Recording in Kaltura in the Blackboard Tutorial)

    Screen Recording (use the Record Your Screen tutorial)

    NOTE: YouTube videos posted in Kaltura cannot be shared. 

  3. Click the title of the video.

  4. Click Share.

  5. Copy the embed code.
    Copy the Embed Code.

  6. Log into https://eportfolio.pace.edu/ and navigate to the page that you would like to add the video to.
    A Red Box around Academic Materials on the e-Portfolio homepage.

  7. Click Edit this page in the upper right hand corner.
    A Red Box around Edit this page.

  8. Click External and drag the External Media icon over to your page.
    A Red Box around External on the left side. A Red Box around External Media. An Arrow pointing to where the Media will be placed.

  9. Paste in the embed code from the Kaltura Video, give your video a title, and click Save.
    A Red Box around the Title. A Red Box around the Embed Code Text box. A Red Box around Save at the bottom.

  10. Your video will be embedded in ePortfolio.
    The video you uploaded is now on e-Portfolio.