Importing Citations into EndNote

This tutorial will help you get started importing citations from Pace databases. The examples below use Artemis Literary Resources and PubMed. For directions on importing from other Pace databases, please visit our  EndNote Pace Library Guide.

1. In a browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari) go to the Pace University Library Databases

2. Select the appropriate database for your research. Examples for the Artemis Literary Resources and PubMed can be found below.

 Pace University A-Z Database website


NOTE: Each Pace database has its own rules for exporting references to EndNote. For more information, please visit our Library Guide.

  • Example 1: Artemis Literary Resources:

i.) Open up the Artemis Literary Resources database and search for an article.

ii.) Once you’ve found an article, open it. Then click on Citation Tools at the top of the page.

Artemis Sources Page

iii.) In the popup select EndNote; an RIS file will download.

To Download file 

iv.) Click on the downloaded file, and it will open in EndNote.

  • Example 2: PubMed:


i.) Open the PubMed database and search for an article.


ii.) Once you’ve found an article, select it. Click on Send to and then select File, change the dropdown to MEDLINE, and click Create File.

 To create a file from an article

iii.) A .txt file will download. Click on the download and save it.


iv.) Open EndNote, click File, select Import and File. You can then browse for your saved download.


v.) Under Import Option, select PubMed (NLM), and then click Import.

 Import file box

vi.) The file will then show up in your EndNote library.

 EndNote library