ePortfolio: The Writing Program Assessment Page

This tutorial will teach you how to upload material to your Writing Program Assessment Portfolio page. This process involves three main steps: 

 i. Copy the default EWPAP to your ePortfolio

 ii. Upload content to your new EWPAP

 iii. Share your page with your teacher and PLV English.

  • Copying the default EWPAP to your ePortfolio.

1. Click the My ePortfolio tab at the top of the page.

My ePortfolio tab

2. Click Copy a page.

 Copy a page button

3. Type “writing” in the search bar then click Search.

4. Click copy page button next to the Writing Program Assessment Portfolio page owned by PLV English.

 Writing Program Assessment Portfolio page owned by PLV English


5. When the Edit title and description page loads, click Save at the bottom.

 click Save at the bottom

  • Upload content to your EWPAP page

1. Click the Gear button in the area in which you want to edit and/or add content.

Click the Gear button to edit

2. Click FILES.


3. Remove the dummy file by clicking Remove.

Remove the dummy file

4. Once the file is removed, check Yes next to upload file and click Choose Files to browse your computer for your document(s).

.Check yes and click Choose Files for uploads

5. Wait until the file upload is complete. You will see a green success message.

A green success message


6. Then scroll down and click Save.

  Save button

  • Share the page

1. While editing your Writing Portfolio page, click Share page at the top, below the page title.

 Writing Portfolio page, click Share page 

2. Here you can change permissions to give others access to your page.

 Change permissions to give others access

3. Click Share with and select the option that works best for you. We recommend selected Registered Users.

 Click Share with..select from drop-down options

  • Public gives everyone access to your page.
  • Registered Users only allows those with a Pace ePortfolio login to view your page.
  • Friends allow anyone in your Friend list to view your page.
  • Pace allows everyone with a Pace login to view your page (Same as Registered Users)
  • Groups—allows all members of all or one group to view your page.


4. You may also share with one of your groups or specific individuals

i. Use this option to search for PLV English under Users and click the plus sign next to their name to give them access.

 share with one of your groups or specific individuals

5. After making your selection, leave Access start/end date/time blank.



6. Hit the Save button at the bottom.

 click Save botton