ePortfolio: How to make a Wordle on PC

This tutorial for PC users will demonstrate how to make a word cloud and display it on an ePortfolio page.

Wordle is a word cloud generator which creates word collages from text that you provide.

Word collages from text

1. Visit wordle.net and click “Create”.

 Create tab circled in red

2. Type words or sentences into the text box. You can also try pasting large amounts of text from a paper, or you resume. Click “Go”. To link two words together, include a ~ between them. Example” Pace~University.

**Note: The more times you enter a word, the larger it becomes in the Wordle.

Go button circled in red

3. Your Worlde will appear (If your Wordle does not appear, you will need to update Java on your computer). If you would like to change the style, you can click “Randomize” to automatically change the style, or use the menu at the top left of your Wordle to customize fonts, layouts, and colors.

 Menu at the top left circled in red


4. Go to the Start Menu of your computer and search for the “Snipping Tool”. Drag the cursor around your Wordle. Save the image as a JPEG to your computer.

 Save tab circled in red

If you do not have the Snipping Tool, you can take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing ALT+PRINT SCREEN on your keyboard. You can then paste the screenshot into an editing program, like Paint, to crop and save the image.


Displaying your Wordle on ePortfolio

1. Open the ePortfolio page where you want to display your Wordle, then drag the image icon onto your page.

 Image tab circled in red

2. When the pop-up window appears, check “Yes” to confirm that the file you are uploading is yours, then “Browse/Choose Files” to upload your Wordle. You can give your Wordle a title in the box titled “Block Title”.

Click “Save”.

 Arrow pointing choose file and save button circled in red