ePortfolio: Writing in the disciplines: Digital Remix Requirement

This tutorial shows step by step how to fulfill the PLV English Department’s Digital Remix requirement. It covers how to create a digital story using the tool Animoto and how to embed and share your digital story on ePortfolio.


Part I: Creating Your Digital Remix

Animoto is a tool that students can use to transform images and video clips into a short, professional presentation. This is the tool recommended by the English department for completing your Digital Remix requirement.

1. Log in to Animoto:

Visit animoto.com using Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

You can then follow the instructions in the Beginner’s Guide or follow the instructions in this tutorial.

 Welcome page


2. Click on the blue Get Started button

 Get started


3. Click on the green Sign Up

  green Sign Up button


4. Then enter your information in the box to start a free trial.

NOTE: If your professor sets up an account for the assignment, he/she will provide you with a username, password, and education user code. 

 enter your information in the box


5. Then click on the  button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

 Click create button


6. You will be prompted to choose your video style.

 choose your video style


7. Click on the style you like to have a look at the preview.

 look at the preview


8. Add pictures and/or videos by clicking on “Add pics & vids” as shown on the screenshot below.



9. Then you will be prompted to choose whether to upload pictures from your computer, Facebook, online services, or from Animoto’s Image Library.

 Modes from which to upload pictures


10. Add text to your presentations by clicking the “Add Text” button



11. Then you will be prompted to “Enter a title”.

 Enter a title


12. Now you can click on “PREVIEW VIDEO”. Then click “PRODUCE” and Animoto will automatically create your video for you. Within minutes you will have your video in your email box.




Part II: Posting Your Remix on ePortfolio

In order to share your remix with your professor, you’ll need to post it on your ePortfolio. The page you will be required to post your remix on may vary depending on your course. Ask your professor for further details.

For more information on using ePortfolio, please visit www.pace.edu/eportfolio.

1. On Animoto.com, copy the URL of your remix to your clipboard.

copy the URL 


2. Go to https://eportfolio.pace.edu/

 ePortfolio site


3. Login with your Pace username and password.

 Login page

4. Select the My ePortfolio tab.

 My ePortfolio tab

5. Select the edit icon next to the page on which you wish to post your remix.

 Select the edit icon


6. This will bring you into edit mode for the page. On the option menu to your left, click External.

 click External tab

7. This will reveal more options. Drag and drop the External media block onto your page.

 Drag and drop the External media block


8. A configure menu will open. Title your remix and paste your Animoto URL in the URL or embed code box.

 Title your remix and paste your Animoto URL

9. Scroll down and hit Save.
click save button


10. Your video will appear on your page. The only step left is to share your page with your professor.

 Video ready to play



Part III: Sharing Your Page

By default all of your ePortfolio pages are set to privet. To allow your professor to view your page, you’ll need to share your page.

1. Select the Share page button on the upper left side of your screen.

Select the Share page button 

2. This will bring you to the Edit access page. Here you can adjust who can see your page.

 Edit access page


3. Search the user(s) you wish to share your collect with by first and last name. You have the ability to share with multiple users. Then hit Save.

 Search the user(s) and hit save button


Part IV: Resources

This concludes the tutorial. If you need further assistance, please email the Office of Academic Technology at acadtech@pace.edu. If you would like help and advice on developing your ePortfolio, request a meeting with one of our ePortfolio student interns, also known as eTerns.

 Tools from digital-toolkit


You can learn more about ePortfolio and digital storytelling on our Digital Toolkit at www.pace.edu/digitaltoolkit . The Digital Toolkit is a collection of self-help guides, tutorials, and resources geared to help students and faculty at Pace. It is a one-stop shop for self-service help, frequently asked questions, and troubleshooting.