Digital Measures: Frequently Asked Questions

For Professors:

1. What do I do if my office location is incorrect?

This information needs to be updated in Pace University’s White Pages in order for it to appear correctly on Digital Measures. To update your information, login to White Pages and click on the Edit Your Info tab.  Then, click Profile Editor.  Here, you will be prompted to log in with your Pace Portal username and password.  Make the changes and then scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes. Once you complete this process, contact Academic Technology (NYC (212)-346-1661, PLV (914)-773-3664 or so that we can refresh this information.

2. How do I update the basic fields?

Go to the Digital Measures website and login with your Pace Portal username and password.  Click on the right hand sidebar Manage Your Activities where you will see the main menu with the areas to update.  Click on the heading you would like to update.  Click Add a New Item to add new achievements to your profile, or click the gray edit pencil next to an existing item to make changes to a current entry.  Once you have completed your update, click Save and Return to go back to the main menu.

3. How do I print out a copy of my CV?

On the left-hand menu of the main Manage Your Activities page, click the tab Rapid Reports.  Select the desired report (“Vita”, for example), start and end date, and file format that you prefer.  Click Run Report and your CV will automatically load.

4. Who can I contact for one-on-one assistance?

Email us at, or call NYC (212)-346-1661 / PLV (914)-773-3664 to ask a question or set up an appointment to meet with one of our Digital Measures professionals. Check out the Pace Digital Measures site for more information. 

5. Why is the scheduled teaching page not displaying my recent semester courses?

The Digital Measures team refreshes Scheduled Teaching every semester. This update occurs at the end of October in the Fall semester and the end of February in the Spring semester.

6. At minimum, what are the basic fields of Digital Measures that should be completed?

To begin with, it is good to have the following fields completed:

General Information:

  • Personal & Contact Information
  • Office Hours
  • Awards & Honors
  • Professional Memberships


  • Intellectual Contributions
  • Presentations


  • Depending on your area of service

 These are the minimum basic fields that should be filled out. However, you may continue to fill in the other fields as per your convenience to complete your profile.

7. How far back should I update data in Digital Measures?

We suggest that you update the past 5 years in Digital Measures to start and then go back and include older data.