YouTube Video Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to upload a video on YouTube and make it private.

1. Create an account on by clicking “Sign in” 

 YouTube welcome page

2. Click “Create an Account".

 Sign in page


3. Input information to generate an account.

 Fields to add information


4. Once you’ve signed in/created your account, click “Upload” to upload a video

 Account with advertisement


5. Select the video file from your computer to upload

 Arrow indicating to select a file

6. Upload the video:

  • Input the information
  • Adjust the privacy settings
  • SAVE the changes

 ePortfolio profile editing


7. Once the video has uploaded to your “Uploads” section:

  • Select the video
  • Click “Edit”
  • Click “Info and Settings”

 Editing by selecting info and settings


8. Make sure it’s set for “Private” and include an email list of the people you want to have access

  • Enter your professor’s or peer’s emails (**make sure it’s the same emails used for their own YouTube account)
  • “Save changes” at the top

 Profile display