Digital Storytelling Technical Resources

Below are some resources on how to use Audacity (an audio program), Video Download helper to save videos to your computer and upload them to YouTube.

1. Record narration with sound recorder:
Go to your start menu, and search for “sound recorder.” Click “start recording” (circled in yellow below) when you are ready to begin your narration. We suggest you watch your digital story while reading your script to pace yourself. When you are satisfied with your recording, you can save it to your computer.

Start Recording highlighted

2. Record narration with Audacity:
First, download Audacity from To record narration on
audacity, choose “transport” (as shown below circled in yellow) and click “record.”

Transport tab highlighted

Begin your narration, and when you are finished speaking, click the STOP icon: . You may
then choose “file” and save your project to your computer, or you can continue to edit your
recording and add effects to it.

To “trim” the recording, drag the dark gray region to where you want the recording to begin
(red arrow below) and end (pink arrow below.) Next, click “C” to hear one second of audio
before and after the selection to be sure the edits sound natural. Then, click “trim” (yellow circle
below) to get rid of the excess recorded material.

Click trim highlighted in yollow

Add “effects” to your recording by clicking the “Effect” dropdown (as circled in yellow below.)
This is where you can change the pitch of your voice, change the speed, make it echo, and much

Effect bar highlighted

If you choose “compressor” under effects, you can level out the volume of your recording. Be
sure to check off “make-up gain for O dB after compressing” and “compress based on Peaks,”
and click “OK” (as shown below.)

Dynamic range compressor

3. Save External Video and Audio to Your Computer:
An add-on called “Video DownloadHelper” can be used with to save most videos to your
computer. This add-on only works with Mozilla Firefox. The link to the download is: Click on “Add to
Firefox” to use as an add-on.

Add to Firefox button highlighted

Once the Video DownloadHelper is downloaded, you will have this icon on your browser.
When you come across a video, you can click it to download the video. You must be using
Mozilla Firefox to use this icon.
For example, I can download a scientific method video with from by clicking the
icons dropdown, and choosing “The_Scientific_Method_of_Oz_Reel_Science_on_Blip.mp4.”
The download will automatically begin!

Downloading process

I can do the same thing with YouTube as shown below:

Downloading through YouTube

These videos can now be uploaded on digital storytelling tools, like Windows Live Movie Maker.

4. Save YouTube Videos to Your Computer with KEEPVID:
Copy the URL of the YouTube video you would like to include. Then, go to
Next, paste the URL into the box, (as shown in yellow below) and click download (red arrow.)

Arrow pointing Download button

Next, you want to click "Download MP4" and then click “save” (circled in yellow
below.) Choose where you would like to save this video.

Save button highlighted