Animoto Tutorial

Animoto is a tool that students can use to transform images and video clips into a short, professional presentation.


Visit using Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

You can then follow the instructions in the Beginner’s Guide or follow the instructions in this tutorial.

Animoto welcome page


2. Click on the BLUE “Get Started” button

Click on get started 


3. Click on the GREEN “Sign Up” button.

 Pictures of people smiling


4. Then enter your information in the box to start a free trial.

 Sign in page


5. Then click on the button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

 Create button in blue


6. You will be prompted to choose your video style.

Video styles


7. Click on the style you like to have a look at the preview.

Play video style


8. Add pictures and/or videos by clicking on “Add pics & vids” as shown on the screenshot below.


 9. Then you will be prompted to choose whether to upload pictures from your computer, Facebook, online services, or from Animoto’s Image Library.

Fields to upload pictures


10. Add text to your presentations by clicking the “Add Text” button

Add text


11. Then you will be prompted to “Enter a title”.

Enter a title


 12. Now you can click on “PREVIEW VIDEO”. Then click “PRODUCE” and Animoto will automatically create your video for you. Within minutes you will have your video in your email box.

Click Produce in blue button

Video to play

13. You can then share your video by choosing any format: email, Facebook, Tweet, etc. (See screenshot below.)

 Barbara Ming Profile to share pictures