ePortfolio: Guide for Annual Review

The following is the process used by many departments at Pace for annual review. You will be using 5 distinct folders designated for your documents. This will be placed in a large, parent folder titled, “YEAR Annual Review.” All of these folders and documents will be placed on your “Academic Materials” page within ePortfolio.


1. After logging in to ePortfolio, select Content. Then, select Files. 

ePortfolio Content tab and files tab

2. Create a folder called, “YEAR Annual Review” within the files section.

Upload file tab

3. Once the folder is created, click inside the folder and create 5 more folders labeled:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Scholarship
  • Service
  • Summary
  • Teaching

Once the folder is created, click inside the folder and create 5 more folders labeled:

To upload a file, select the box next to “Yes” and browse your computer for the file.Once the file is done uploading it will be highlighted on the bottom of the page, within the folder.

Red box around Yes check box and Upload


4. Next, you'll need to post your folder to your Academic Materials page.

  • Go to the My ePortfolio tab, and select Edit on your Academic Materials page.

  • Select Media and drag and drop the Folder icon onto the page
  • Click the FOLDER ribbon and then select the plus sign next to the folder you want to post.
  • Hit Save.

List of folders


5. After logging in to ePortfolio, select Pages and collections. On the tile of the page you wish to share, click the More... icon and then click Edit

Red box around My ePortfolio tab and More... icon and Edit

6. Click Share Page.

Red box around Share Page

7. Click Users.

red box around users

8. Next to Users, Click Search. A search bar will pop up so you can type in the name of the user you wish to find.

red box around search bar

9. Scroll down and then click Save to save your changes.

Red box around save button at bottom of the page

10. There are several options to sharing you page/collections:

Open to a select group of Pace ePortfolio users who you’ve friended, or whose friend request you have accepted.
GROUPS: Open to Pace ePortfolio groups of your choosing. No membership required.
USERS: Open to individual Pace ePortfolio users of your choosing.
PUBLIC: Anyone, in or outside of the Pace Community, will be able to view your page/collection. Your pages will show up when searched for in a search engine such as Google. If you choose this option, you can use the following URL to share your pages/collection: https://eportfolio.pace.edu/public/YourUsername
REGISTERED USERS: Open to anyone on the pace Community who logs into ePortfolio. Note that the “Share with my institutions” setting is the same as the “Registered users” setting.

Shared with drop down menu

11. Once you click an option from the drop down menu, it will appear in your SHARED WITH list. We recommend leave the Access Start date/time and Access end date/time blank.

Highlighted registered users tab

12. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save those permissions. 

Red box around Save

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