Taking a Test on Blackboard

Follow the step below to take an assessment, such as a quiz, test or exam on Blackboard:

  1. Using Firefox or Chrome as your browser, navigate to blackboard.pace.edu and locate your class.

  2. Follow your Professor’s instructions to locate the proper Content Area on the course menu on the left-hand side (typically Assessments, as in this example), and locate the test (here called Exam 1).


  3. Click on the name of the test.

  4. You will be shown the test instructions. Useful information, such as the test’s time limit (if applicable) can be found here. Click the Begin button in the lower right-hand corner to start the test.


  5. Input your answer to each question, and click Save Answer on the right each time. Possible questions types include Multiple Choice, True/False, Fill in the Blank, and Essay questions, among others.

  6. After clicking on Save Answer, the icon will change to “Saved” and you will see a change in the Question Completion Status bar at the top of the screen.


  7. After saving all of your answers, click on Save and Submit in the lower right-hand corner to finish the test.