Outlook Client: Signing In for Mac

Set up your Outlook client for Mac to help communicate with your fellow students, professors, friends, and family; and keep your schedule organized by using the email and calendar system. For those users who have Office 365, the Outlook client is already included.

If you want to obtain Office 365, please see details below:


Outlook client synced with your Pace email can be used without the Virtual Private Networking (Pace VPN). 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook client on your Mac
  2. Click Add Email Account
  3. Type your MyPace email address (e.g. jd12345n@pace.edu) and click Continue
  4. Type your MyPace email address if not already provided

  5. Type pace\username (e.g. pace\jd12345p)
  6. Type your MyPace password
  7. Type email.pace.edu server field
  8. Click Add Account
  9. Click Done

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