Computer Lab Remote Access

Information Technology Services (ITS) has enabled select computer lab workstations and their installed software for remote access. Remote workstations are subject to availability and only free workstations will appear in the remote access menu. Each remote workstation under the “ITS Remote Lab” section includes all standard Tech Zone and Computer Resource Center software as well as the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite.


  • You must be enrolled in Multifactor Authentication (MFA), aka Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), via the Duo Mobile App on your smartphone. To learn more and to enroll please visit: Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA).
  • If you are using a Mac computer, you must download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store found here: Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  • Please remember to SIGN OUT at the conclusion of your remote session.

Step-by-step guide

Remote Access to Computer Lab

  1. Go to
  2. Find an available computer from one of the two Computer Labs listed
    Note: Only available computers will be visible on the list.  If in use, they will not show.


    The Adobe Creative Cloud suite are available on remote computers found under the Remote Adobe Creative Cloud (General Access Lab) group

  3. Click Connect button next to an available computer
  4. In the image that pops up, click Download button
  5. Open the downloaded file to start Microsoft Remote Desktop
  6. Click below on the Operating System you are using

     Windows: Click here to expand...
    1. Click Connect
    2. Type your pace\username (e.g. pace\ab12345n) and password

    3. Click OK


      If you are having issues with typing your credentials, follow the steps below:

      1. Click More choices
      2. Click Use a different account
      3. Type your pace\username (e.g. pace\ab12345n) and password
      4. Click OK

     Mac: Click here to expand...


    Mac users must have already downloaded the Microsoft Remote Desktop app listed in the Prerequisites section of this page.

    1. Type your pace\username (e.g. pace\ab12345c) and password
    2. Click Continue
    3. Click Continue
  7. You will receive a push notification from Duo Mobile app on your smartphone. Tap Approve


    You must be enrolled in Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to receive this notification.

  8. You will then be connected remotely to the lab computer


    Please remember to SIGN OUT at the conclusion of your remote session. If you are idle for 10 minutes with no activity during your remote session, you will automatically be signed out.

Signing Out

  1. Click Windows Start icon
  2. Click profile icon

  3. Click Sign out

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