Connecting Media/Streaming Devices to PACE-GUEST Network

Students who want to connect a media or streaming device to the Pace wireless network must register the device's Media Access Control (MAC) address and connect to the PACE-GUEST network. This will allow the device to have direct Internet access and no further action is needed. However, the device will not have access to the PACE-WIFI network and will not be able to communicate with other devices (e.g. smartphones, laptops) on that network. For instance, a user with a smartphone on PACE-WIFI cannot chrome-cast to their SmartTV on PACE-GUEST because they are on two separate networks.

IMPORTANT: While the steps listed below have worked for some users, we cannot guarantee that they will work for everyone, since it depends on the device. Generally, the device must be able to be profiled (the manufacturer/model can be identified). Devices that can be profiled include:

Amazon Echo
Amazon Kindle
Amazon Phone
Amazon TV
Amazon-Android Device
Game Consoles
Sony Devices (TV)
Samsung Devices (TV)
Nintendo WII


Google Chrome Cast
Google Glass
Sony Game Consoles
Vizio (TV)

Connecting Media/Streaming Devices to PACE-GUEST Network:

  1. Find the Wireless MAC address of your device (If not sure how, review your device's user manual or contact the vendor for assistance.)
  2. From an Internet browser, navigate to


    The above site is only accessible from within Pace’s Network (e.g. PACE-WIFI, etc) or through a VPN connection

  3. Type your MyPace Username and Password and Agree to the terms and conditions

    Once you log in you will be at the Manage Devices screen

  4. click Add to add your device

    The Add Device page displays.

  5. At the Add Device screen, fill in the three (3) fields: Device Name, Device ID (MAC address from step 1), Description
  6. Click Submit
  7. On your media/streaming device, go to wireless setup and select PACE-GUEST
  8. Connect to the Internet as usual

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