Exchange Online (Office 365) Email Account Setup for Outlook Mobile App

Pace Students, Faculty, and Staff can set up their Exchange Online (Office 365) email account on their mobile device using the Outlook app.


  • Prerequisites:
    Download Outlook app to your mobile device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • These instructions were created using Outlook app version 4.2201.3. Some steps and images below may be different for other Android/iOS app versions.

This article is divided into two sections. Please click on the desired link to jump to that section:

Note: If you have a previous Pace Exchange email account setup on your device, please follow the steps below to delete it before you complete the new setup steps.

Step-by-step guide

Setting Up Exchange Online (Office 365) Email Account

  1. Launch Outlook app
  2. Type your Pace email address in the Email Address field
  3. Click Add Account

  4. Type your MyPace password and click Sign in
  5. If prompted, click the Enter a Passcode button, which will enable the passcode field
  6. Retrieve 6-digit passcode generated from the Duo Mobile app or hardware token
  7. Enter the passcode and click Log In

  8. If prompted, select Maybe Later


    If you are having trouble to Sign In, please select the Use Advanced Settings option with the configurations shown below:

    • Email Provider: Exchange
    • Domain:
    • Username: your MyPace username (e.g. jd12345n)

Deleting Exchange Email Account

  1. Click the Mail icon located at the bottom
  2. Click your Profile icon next to Inbox
  3. Click the  Gear icon at the bottom
  4. Click the Pace Email Account listed
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Delete Account
  6. Click Delete


    After successfully deleting the Pace email account, you will be prompted to Add Account