Pharos Printing for Students

Pace University is using a Pharos Uni-Print solution to provide a "green", student-friendly approach to printing from any location. All students receive a non-refundable technology credit of $30.00 on their Pace One Card at the beginning of every semester (3x/year). This credit allows them to print, scan, and copy documents in the Computer Resource Center, Tech Zone, Mortola and Birnbaum Libraries, and other locations with Pharos printers. This credit cannot be carried over from one semester to the next.  However, any additional cash funds that students add to their Pace One Card (campus account) will carry over from semester to semester until used. To add additional cash funds, students can visit Student Accounts and have the funds applied to their campus account. Those funds can also be used for Pharos printing. Funds can also be added online by visiting (MyPace Portal username and password required) and making a credit card or electronic check payment. 

Current Pace students will need an active Pace One Card, in order to utilize the card swipe option on the Pharos printer. Please visit the following webpage for information on how to obtain your Pace ID card if you don't have one.

Pharos Price Reduction
Effective immediately, students will be charged a discounted amount for the second printed side on each sheet of paper when printing on both sides. The table below explains the new printing charges for both black and white, and color printouts.

Windows computers generally default Pharos print jobs to the double-sided (duplex) setting, so users do not need to do anything else.  For Mac OS users, the new Print Client for Mac OS is configured for double-sided (duplex) printing by default.  Mac OS users should download and install this new client in order to take advantage of duplex pricing.  There is no need to uninstall the previous version of the client as it will be overwritten.


  • When printing one-sided (simplex setting), the cost will remain at 6 cents per page.
  • When copying, the default setting will remain single-sided at 6 cents per page.
  • When scanning, the cost will remain at 2 cents per scan.

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