Account Activation for Students, Faculty, Staff, Emeritus, Retiree, and Alumni

Students, Faculty, Staff, Emeritus, Retiree, and Alumni who get a MyPace Portal username and password for the first time must activate and set up their account before they can use it to log in to Pace systems. For Students, Faculty, and Staff, their MyPace credentials will work on MyPace Portal, Classes, E-mail, Help Desk, Pace Wireless, ITS Computer Lab and Library PC login, and other Pace systems accessible via the Shibboleth login. Alumni will receive ITS Computer Lab and Library PC login access only. When there are password changes, they can be updated on all of these systems.


Step-by-step guide

To activate your MyPace Portal account you will need need to have your username. If you do not know your username, please visit the Pace Directory: Online Directory Lookup article for instructions .

Activate and Set Up Password and Security Questions

  1. Visit the Apps/Downloads/Account Management (ADAM) website at
  2. Click Account Activation (on the right)
  3. Select Begin Activation
  4. Type your Username (from Step 1 above) in the Username field
  5. Type your Initial MyPace Portal Password in the Password field (see note below)


    The initial password format for new accounts will be the user’s initials from his/her first and last name (lower-case), followed by a hyphen, and then their date of birth in MM-DD-YYYY format (add hyphens between month, day, and year). For example, if your name is John Doe, and you were born on January 3, 2003, your initial password would be jd-01-03-2003

    If the system does not accept your initial password, please make sure you typed it in the correct format shown above with all hyphens in between. Otherwise, it’s possible that the date of birth is listed incorrectly or missing in the system, or it was added AFTER the account was created.  In that case, try replacing your birth date portion of the initial password with your 9-character University ID to complete your initial password.  Following the same example as above for John Doe with sample UID: U12345678, the backup initial password would be jd-U12345678

  6. Click Log In 

  7. In the Old Password field, type your Initial MyPace Portal Password

  8. In the New Password field, type your New MyPace Portal Password (see note below)


    See the Password Security Guidelines at
  9. In the Confirm New Password field, re-type your New MyPace Portal Password
  10. Click Change Password and then click Continue
  11. Select two different Security Questions and type in your answers (see note below)


    Answers are case-sensitive and should be complex enough that others cannot easily guess them.

  12. Click Save and then click Continue
  13. Log out when you are done


    Users can only change their passwords once in a 24-hour period. If you forget your password in the future, you can reset it via by providing your Username and a non-Pace e-mail address on file, and then answering your existing security questions. You should make sure that your non-Pace e-mail address is saved in your MyPace Portal, under Personal Information. See the next step to learn how to confirm your account activation and check/update your non-Pace e-mail address

Confirm Account Activation for Students, Faculty, and Staff

  1. Go to MyPace Portal at
  2. Enter your Username and New Password and click LOGIN button


    If you logged in successfully, your MyPace account is now activated.

    Faculty, staff, contractors, and current students will be prompted to enter an additional Duo passcode to complete their 2-factor authentication to gain entry into MyPace Portal. If you are getting prompted to enroll, please see additional instructions in using Duo prompt.

  3. Depending on your role, click on either the Students, Staff, or Faculty selection on the left menu

  4. Find the Personal Information link (see note below)


    The Personal Information link can be found as follows:

    Students:  In the Student Services section

    Faculty:  In the Employee Self Service section

    StaffEmployee Dashboard button under the Payroll and HR Information section

  5. Click View and Update E-mail Addresses
  6. Confirm that you have a non-Pace e-mail address listed, or add one and click Submit to update your record
    If not, follow the steps below
    1. Click the drop down menu, select Personal, and click Submit
    2. Fill out the respected sections and click Submit
  7. When done, click the Logout button on the upper right


    If your browser opened a separate window to display your non-Pace e-mail record, you can simply close it.


For questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk at:

Or visit a Tech Zone or Computer Resource Center location below:

  • New York: One Pace Plaza, 2nd Floor, Room W202
  • Pleasantville: Willcox Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 25

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, staffing at our walk-in center locations has been significantly reduced. We strongly recommend that you call the ITS Help Desk first for assistance, or if you need to make a walk-in appointment with a technician.

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