Unofficial Transcript

Students can obtain an unofficial transcript by following the instructions shown below.

Step-by-Step guide

Students who graduated the Summer of 2005 and after can access their unofficial transcript on the Portal without doing anything. (If you have forgotten your UserID or password, contact the ITS Help Desk for a password reset.) Below are instructions in obtaining an unofficial transcript from the Portal.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Type with your MyPace username (e.g. jd12345n) and password


    For issues or further assistance from an ITS representative, please use the following means:

    • Log on to the ITS Help Desk and enter a job ticket
    • Call the ITS Help Desk at 914-773-3333 or extension 33333 on campus
  3. Click LOGIN
  4. Click on Students
  5. Click Student Records, under the office of Express Links section
  6. Click Student Services

  7. Click Student Profile
  8. Select Academic Transcript from drop down menu
  9. Select Transcript Level from drop down menu
  10. Select Transcript Type from drop down menu

Students who graduated Spring 1986 to Spring 2005 must go to Alumni Relations and obtain a username and password which gives them access to Portal. Instructions in accessing the unofficial transcript is shown above.


The Alumni Office can provide computer, printing and library privileges that must be renewed with the Alumni Office prior to September on an annual basis. If the graduate does not want to go through the Alumni Relations Office, he or she can also fill in the Transcript Request as noted below.

Students who graduated 1985 and earlier need to fill out the Alumni Transcript Request form or other methods as shown on the Registrar’s website. Depending on the year they graduated, this could take an extended amount of time.

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