Webspace: Using Core FTP

Pace students can get their own Web space account for personal and school use, which is accessible at http://webpage.pace.edu. Core FTP is a Windows FTP client and is only compatible with Windows. This article contains instructions on downloading and installing Core FTP to upload files to the Web server.

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Before using their individual Web space account, students must first activate it at http://webpage.pace.edu.

Step-by-step guide

Installing CoreFTP

  1. Navigate to http://webpage.pace.edu/
  2. Click the CoreFTP hyperlink
  3. Click on Download
  4. Click www.coreftp.com or ftp.coreftp.com under Core FTP LE 2.2 : free version


    You will need to select the appropriate version (32 bit or 64 bit) for your operating system

  5. Open the program from download folder
  6. Click Yes or Run

  7. Click I Agree
  8. Click Next
  9. Click Install
  10. Click Close


    CoreFTP will now be installed on your computer

Configuring CoreFTP

  1. Open CoreFTP LE 

  2. Fill in the following information in the boxes:
    1. type webpage.pace.edu in the Host field
    2. type your MyPacePortal Username in the Username field
    3. type your MyPacePortal Password in the Password field
    4. select AUTH TLS in the Connection field
    5. type 21 in the Port field
    6. click Connect
    7. click Always Accept

Connecting to CoreFTP

  1. Open CoreFTP
  2. Click Connect

Using CoreFTP


In the Core FTP Window, the files/folders on your computer will display on the left side, and the right side shows the files (if any) on the Web server

Upload Files

  1. Highlight your desired files/folders on the left side window to upload to the Web server
  2. Click right-arrow upload button above the left side window to download a copy to the Web server

To designate the homepage for your website, just name the webpage file as "index.html" (without the double quotes).

Download Files

  1. Highlight your desired files/folders on the right side window to upload to your computer
  2. Click left-arrow upload button above the left side window to download a copy to your computer

Disconnecting from CoreFTP

  1. Click File
  2. Click Disconnect

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