Phone Conference Calls

Set up and join phone conference calls anytime, even with external callers, without assistance from a Pace 311 operator.

Information needed for a conference call:

  • Dial-in Numbers: (212) 346-1500 or (914) 597-8500 (Internal participants can also dial **8 from a Pace phone)

  • Call leader's (or meeting organizer's) Conference ID (see note below)
  • Date and time of conference call


The information above must be provided to all callers. To obtain your permanent Conference ID, sign in to with your MyPace username and MyPace password (username format should be PACE\username or  As a call leader, you also need a PIN (Personal Identification Number; between 5 and 24 digits long).  If you don't have a PIN yet, or forgot it, you can reset it at  See note below for more details.

Step-by-step guide to join a conference call:

Participant (Internal or External Callers):

  1. Call one of the numbers above or dial **8 from internal Pace phone

  2. Enter Conference ID (provided by call leader/meeting organizer) and press #

  3. Say your name (when prompted) and press #

Call Leader (Meeting Organizer):

  1. Call one of the numbers above or dial **8 from internal Pace phone
  2. Enter your Conference ID and press #
  3. Press and enter your Dial-in PIN


Entering your Dial-in PIN gives you additional control features (DTMF commands). Visit and sign in with your MyPace username and password to see a list of DTMF commands, or to reset your Dial-in PIN (username format should be PACE\username or

Have questions about using Skype for Business for conference calls?

Contact the Pace Information Center during normal business hours.

Phone: (855) PACE-311


To learn more about Skype for Business, visit

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