Sharing Your Desktop and Other Content (Windows)

You can share content with colleagues either from the Skype for Business messaging conversation window or during a meeting. This content can include your computer desktop, a single program file, or a PowerPoint slideshow. You can also share a virtual whiteboard, conduct polls, and hold a Q&A session.


When you share your desktop, all participants can see the entire desktop, including notifications. If you have confidential information or documents that you don’t want people to see, close them.

Step-by-step guide

To share your desktop:

  1. Start an IM conversation, audio/video call or a meeting
  2. Click Present icon from within a conversation or meeting window
  3. Click Present Desktop to show the contents of your desktop


    Other options are available:

    • To show a specific program, click Present Programs and double-click the program window you want to share (the program for sharing must already be open)
    • To utilize a Whiteboard, Polling, or Q&A, click More and select from the list of presentable content
  4. Preview the screen being shared and click Present


    If you have a dual-monitor setup, you can choose to select all monitors, the primary monitor only, or the secondary monitor.


  • When you share a program file or desktop, the window will have a yellow border and a Now Presenting tab will display on your desktop. Your presence status will also automatically change to Presentation, and will thus restrict other Skype for Business alerts appearing.

  • Your participants will receive an alert to notify them that you are sharing content. Once they click Accept, the shared content will appear in a window on their screen.

  • Initially, only the person who started presenting can control the content.

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