PaceAlert Emergency Notification System

PaceAlert is the emergency notification system that delivers time-sensitive emergency notifications to the Pace University community via e-mail, text, and/or telephone voice message.  All active students, staff, and faculty are automatically enrolled in the PaceAlert system via their Pace email based on their home campus upon registering for courses or joining Pace as an employee.

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Pace guests or visitors and temporary workers must use the Pace Alert Guest Portal system at

Add (Opt in) or Remove (Opt out) Other Notification Channels:

  • Pace members can add other notification channels (opt in) by following the instructions below. 
  • Former Pace members who would like to opt out of any additional notification channels (except their Pace email account) should follow the steps at the bottom of this article.

Step-by-step guide

Registering for the Emergency Notification System

  1. Go to
  2. Type your Username in the Username field
  3. Type your Password in the Password field 
  4. Click Login

You are brought to the Emergency Notifications page.


You are not able to opt-out of Pace Alerts to your Pace University email account directed to your home campus.

For all fields listed below, you have the option of receiving notifications via SMS text and/or voice message. Please place a check next to your preferred options.

  1. Type your Home Phone Number in the Home Phone Number field
  2. Type your Mobile Phone Number in the Mobile Phone Number field
  3. Type your optional phone number in the Additional Phone Number 1 field
  4. Type your optional phone number in the Additional Phone Number 2 field
  5. Type any other number you would like to have notifications sent to in the Additional Phone Number 3 field
  6. Type any additional email address that you would like to have alerts sent to in the Alternate/Additional Email Field and check off Send alerts to this email

  7. Click on check boxes next to each campus location that you would like to receive emergency alerts for. Please note that you cannot de-select your home campus.
  8. Click Submit

Opt-Out of the Emergency Notification System

If you would like to opt-out of all emergency notifications besides alerts sent to your Pace University email account directed to your home campus, click on the last checkbox listed on the page. Type in your reason for opting out, and click on the pop-up that reads “Yes, opt me out”.

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