Mapping a Network Drive for Windows

Connecting to a File Share, or mapping a Network Drive, allows a user to connect to shared files or folders or the user's own network space. Mapping a network drive is simply connecting to a folder share on the local network. How this is done depends on your version of Windows and whether or not you are in a peer-to-peer or client/server environment.


Mapping a Pace network drive must be done only on a Pace domain computer signed in with Pace credentials. Pace-owned computers must be on the Pace network, either on-campus or connected via the Virtual Private Network (VPN), in order to access Pace's network drive. Pace network drives should not be mapped on personal computers. 

If you cannot open the network share then it means the account you are using has not been given any permissions to read the folder. Please submit a ticket in the Web Help Desk to Technical Services for the end user to get access to the share. Please use the Information Technology > File Share and Server Management > File Share (Network Drive) > User Access to File Share request type (Note: clicking this link will pre-populate the form after you log in). Usually the end-user's supervisor needs to make the request.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click Start button

  2. Windows 7: click Computer from Start Menu
    Windows 10: type This PC in search window and click This PC icon

  3. Click Map network drive
    1. Windows 7
    2. Windows 10
  4.  Click down arrow and select letter drive (e.g. Y) next to Drive
  5. Type server folder name (e.g. \\\shares\) next to Folder
  6. Click Finish

Using the Mapped Network Drive

  1. Click Start button
    1. Windows 7: click Computer from start menu
    2. Windows 10: Type This PC in search window and click This PC icon
  2. Double-click mapped letter drive (the letter mapped in the above steps, e.g. Y:)

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