The following articles are step-by-step guides on how faculty, staff, and students can obtain and renew SPSS 26 software for both Windows and Mac devices through Pace University's Adam website (adam.pace.edu)


  • Active faculty, staff, and students can download and install SPSS 26 from the ADAM website on the following devices:
    • Personal computers (i.e.: desktops, laptops, or Macbooks)
    • Pace-owned laptops or Macbooks
  • For Pace-owned on-campus Windows desktop PCs or iMacs, users will need to submit a help desk ticket at https://help.pace.edu
  • In order to run the installation, at least 2GB of free disk space and 4GB RAM are required.
  • The operating system must be Windows 7 or higher, or Mac OS X 10.10 or higher

Step-by-step guide

SPSS Resources:

  1. Installing SPSS 28 on Windows
  2. Installing SPSS 28 on Mac
  3. Renewing SPSS on Windows
  4. Renewing SPSS on Mac

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