Connecting to eduroam

ITS is pleased to announce the introduction of eduroam. eduroam is an Internet2 global service for wireless network access, which was developed for the international research and education community. It allows students, researchers, faculty, and staff to securely and seamlessly obtain wireless access at all participating institutions worldwide.

Members of Pace University can use their MyPace portal email address and password to access the eduroam network while visiting other participating institutions anywhere around the world. Likewise, visiting members of other institutions that subscribe to eduroam may use their home institution’s logon credentials to access the eduroam service when visiting Pace.


  • All Pace members will be unable to access the eduroam network while on any Pace campus and must continue to use the PACE-WIFI network. 
  • People visiting Pace can only use this service if their home institution is a member of the eduroam service.  Otherwise, they should follow the proper procedure to gain access to the PACE-GUEST wireless network.
  • Connectivity restrictions are controlled by the eduroam service provider and cannot be changed by Pace University. In addition, WiFi usage restrictions may be imposed by the local institution and we have no influence on these.

Step-by-step guide

To connect to eduroam, individuals simply open the WiFi settings on their laptop or mobile device and select the eduroam network. Once connected, you are remotely authenticated and authorized to access eduroam, and your traffic is encrypted between the device and the wireless network. You may need to enter your logon credentials the first time you use the service.


  1. Open your device’s wireless settings page and connect to eduroam

  2. If prompted, type your institution’s Username and Password in the fields provided
  3. Follow on screen prompts to connect to eduroam


  1. Open your device’s wireless settings page and connect to eduroam
  2. If prompted, type your full MyPace Portal Email Address (e.g. and Password in the fields provided


    Pace Law and Seidenberg School members must use their MyPace Portal account username with “”.

  3. Follow on screen prompts to connect to eduroam


Visitors to Pace University who experience any problems connecting to Eduroam at Pace should contact their home institution's help desk for assistance.

Pace University's Students, Faculty, and Staff experiencing problems connecting to Eduroam while visiting a participating institution should contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.

For more information about the eduroam internet access service, please visit

For a list of participating US institutions please visit:

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