Macs Connecting to RDSessionFarm1 Without Using Pace VPN

The RDSessionFarm1 terminal server hosts course software that Pace students, faculty, and staff can access remotely from their own computers.  The instructions below will allow Mac computer users to connect from off campus without needing to use Virtual Private Networking (Pace VPN).  If you’re already on campus or connected to Pace VPN, you should follow the Remote Desktop for Mac instructions instead and connect to computer name: RDSessionFarm1

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop (10.3.12 or higher) from the Mac App Store.

  2. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop App

  3. Click  Gear icon and select Preferences
  4. Click Gateways at the top of the window
  5. Click + Plus icon to add a new Remote Desktop Connection
  6. Type in Gateway name field
  7. Type rdsessionfarm1 in Friendly name field
  8. Click User account drop down menu and select Add User Account
  9. Type your pace\yourusername (e.g. pace\ab12345n) in Username field and leave the password field blank

  10. Click Add

  11. Click Add
  12. Click Red button at the top left corner to save and exit
  13. Click + Plus icon and select Add PC
  14. Type rdsessionfarm1 in PC name field
  15. Click User account drop down menu and select your user account
  16. Click Gateway drop down menu and select rdsessionfarm1
  17. Click Add
  18. Double click the rdsessionfarm1 tile
  19. Type your MyPace Portal Password

  20. Click Continue

  21. You will receive a Duo Push Notification
  22. Open the Duo Application on your registered device
  23. Approve the request

  24. Click Continue

The RDSessionFarm1 terminal server desktop screen should display:

To Disconnect from Terminal Server:

  • Click Window Start button

  • Click the User Account icon

  • Click Sign out

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