Residence Halls: IT Setup Instructions

Pace students living in the residence halls should refer to the instructions below for steps to set up cable TV and game consoles. 

Setup instructions apply to the following residence halls:

  • Law School Campus: Dannat Hall
  • Pleasantville Campus: Alumni Hall, Elm Hall, North Hall, Martin Hall, Townhouses
  • New York City Campus: Maria’s Tower, 182 Broadway, 33 Beekman


Pace does not provide Internet & Cable TV services for  55 John St. This building has its own IT department. Please see your RA for specific details.

Set Up Instructions for Students

Game Console Instructions

Step 1: Connect your game console to the wired Ethernet jack (in orange) that is available for each student.

Step 2: Follow your game console instructions to configure accordingly.

Important Notes:  Users with Wii consoles will need to purchase a LAN Adapter in order to connect to the wired Ethernet jack. Wireless connection is not recommended for optimal gaming functionality.

TV Instructions

Step 1: Connect TV directly to coaxial cable outlet in the room.

Step 2: If you do not get any/all the channels, use the menu option on your TV and select auto-program.

Important Note:  TV channel lineup is available at the following link: TV Channel Lineup. HD channel availability is noted where applicable. Pace does not provide Cable TV services for 55 John St., this building has their own IT department. Please see your RA for specific details.

Using Pharos Student Printing System

For Pharos printing setup instructions, please see Pharos Printing for Students

Wireless Instructions

For wireless setup instructions, please see Connecting to PACE-WIFI.

For connecting media/streaming devices, please see Connecting Media/Streaming Devices to PACE-GUEST Network

For creating wireless-only guest accounts for off-campus visitors, please see Creating Individual Wireless Guest Account (PACE-GUEST)

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