Duo (MFA): Manage Your Devices

The following article provides instructions for users who have already enrolled at least one device in Duo Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and wish to manage (add, rename, replace, or remove) any of their devices.

  • If you never had a device enrolled before, please go to First Device Enrollment article for further instructions.
  • If you have more than one user account (e.g. student AND student employee... or, staff AND student) and you want to enroll the same mobile device for both accounts, you will need to contact the ITS Help Desk to get assistance.

This article is divided into four sections. Please click on the desired link to jump to that section:

Recommended steps when changing or upgrading your phone or tablet:
If you are changing or replacing your existing mobile device (phone or tablet) in the Duo self-enrollment portal, we recommend that you first add the new device and enroll it in Duo MFA. Then, you can remove the old device. It is important to note that even phones that had their cellular service removed can still continue to generate the Duo passcode necessary to access the Duo enrollment portal. This helps to ensure that the user can still access the portal and manage their devices on their own.

For further assistance to obtain technical assistance from an ITS representative, please use the following means:

Step-by-step guide

Instructions to Sign In to Duo

  1. Go to www.pace.edu/duo
  2. Type your MyPace username and password in the fields and click Signin
  3. Type the passcode generated from an already enrolled Duo Mobile app, Duo bypass code, or Duo hardware token


    If you have multiple registered devices, each device will generate a different Duo passcode. Therefore, you will see a dropdown option and must select the device which corresponds to the Duo passcode you are using.

    If you no longer own the previously enrolled device, please contact ITS Help Desk for further assistance.

    If you are a student who has lost access to your enrolled mobile device temporarily, you can follow the instructions Duo (MFA): Bypass Codes for Students article. 

Instructions to Add Another Device

If you already have a primary device enrolled in Duo, please follow the instructions below:


It is recommended to use a separate device (e.g. desktop, laptop, etc), other than the device being registered, when accessing the Duo (MFA) self-service enrollment portal. 

Users with a new phone with the same phone number can follow these instructions.

  1. Click Add another device

  2. Select the type of device, Mobile phone or Tablet and click Continue
  3. If your enrolling a phone, type ten digit phone number being registered


    For international phone numbers, please select the country from the drop-down list and type your phone number.

  4. Double-check your phone number, then Click check box to confirm the number is correct and click Continue
  5. Select type of device being enrolled and click Continue

  6. If you have not yet installed the Duo Mobile app on the registered device,
    1. Go to your device's App Store and search for Duo Mobile
    2. Tap Get or Install, and then Install or Accept to download the app
  7. Once installed, Click I have Duo Mobile installed button to proceed
  8. Follow the instructions on the page to open the Duo Mobile app and scan the shown barcode.

     Click here for alternative instructions for Email me an activation link
    1. Click on the Email me an activation link instead
    2. Type your Pace email address and click Send email

      Note: You will receive an email from Duo Security (no-reply@duosecurity.com) to your Pace email account. Within email message, there will be a link to activate your Duo Mobile app.
    3. Open the email from Duo Security on your registered device
    4. Click Open and your registered device will be redirected to the Duo Mobile app
    5. Verify DUO-PROTECTED Pace University and six digit passcode displays on the Duo Mobile app.


      The Six digit passcode shown above is an example. Use the Refresh icon next to the passcode to generate a new one.

    6. You have successfully activated your Duo Mobile app. Please note, you can ignore the remaining instructions within this article.
  9. Click Continue to complete the process
  10. Confirmation message will display your device that was JUST ADDED

Instructions to Remove a Device

  1. Click Device Options for the device to be removed
  2. Click trash icon to remove selected device
  3. Click Remove to confirm the removal of the device

Instructions to Rename a Device

  1. Click Device Options for the device to be renamed
  2. Click Change Device Name
  3. Type new name and click Save

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