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Outlook Web App (OWA) FAQs

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What are the features found on Outlook Web App (OWA)?

Review some of Outlook Web App (OWA) ( features highlighted in the Outlook Web App (OWA) PDF.

How do I turn Conversation View On and Off in Outlook Web App?

To turn on or off conversation view follow the steps below:

  1. Select the desired folder (e.g. Inbox, Sent Items, etc.)

  2. Below Search, click the dropdown menu next to ITEMS BY DATE

  3. Then, under the CONVERSATIONS section, click On or Off.

Note: You can only turn Conversation view on and off one email folder at a time.

How can I view the remaining e-mail quota for my OWA e-mail account?

  1. Click your mouse over the gear icon on the top right corner

  2. Select Options. On the account page, the remaining quota will be seen.

  3. The account page will display the remaining quota

I am a student worker/graduate assistant, how do I access a department shared calendar/inbox?

Users must have permissions to open a shared mailbox using Outlook Web Access. You can obtain permissions through your direct report if not already provided.  If the required permission has been granted, complete the following steps to open a shared mailbox in OWA: 

  1. Sign in to Outlook Web Application (
  2. Select drop-down link displaying your name at the top of right of the window (next to the sign out link)
  3. Select Open another mailbox

  4. Type name of the shared mailbox
  5. Click Open

Note: The shared mailbox will display in the left navigation area.  For questions or concerns about accessing departmental accounts, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at (914) 773-3333 or

Will my e-mail be deactivated if I am not registered for classes?

Students who have not taken any classes within the past 9 months are considered inactive. Thus, your Pace E-mail will be deactivated after the 9 months period.

Can I search my mailbox?

Yes, you can use the search box at the top of the message pane to search your mailbox.

Can I add a signature to my e-mails?

  1. Click over the gear icon

  2. Select Options

  3. Click on settings

  4. Within mail, under e-mail signature, enter in the desired signature text

  5. Check off box to include signature to all emails composed. Exchange mail does not support rich text formatting or HTML in your signature.

Is there a size or type limitation for file attachments in an E-mail?

Yes, to help prevent viruses, Exchange won't accept file attachments that are executable files. There's also a 25Mb size limitation for attachments.

Can I spell-check messages?

Misspelled words will be underlined on the browser.

Can I forward all messages in a conversation (message thread) at once?

Yes. Open the conversation, and then click Forward all at the right of the message window.

Can I reply to or forward just a single message in a conversation? 

Yes. To reply to or forward a single message in a conversation, open the conversation and select the message to forward. At the bottom of the message card, click Reply or Forward icon.

I can't always find messages I search for. How does Search work?

To search for messages, type a word that the messages contain. Search doesn't recognize special search characters, such as square brackets, parentheses, currency symbols, the ampersand, the pound sign, and asterisks.

By default, Search doesn't look in your Junk E-mail folder. To search within your Spam, click on the Junk E-mail folder. Within the search box, type the word you are searching for.

What is the "Private computer" checkbox option on the login screen?  Should I leave it checked as private computer?

On Outlook Web App (OWA) login page (, there is checkbox labeled "Private computer", which is checked by default.  This setting affects how long it takes before the computer automatically logs out the user after a period of inactivity.  If the checkbox is checked (thus, Private), the computer will log out after 8 hours of inactivity. If the checkbox is not checked (thus, Public), the computer will log out after 15 minutes of inactivity.  This default setting is configured by Microsoft and cannot be changed by our IT staff, although users can deselect the checkbox themselves to designate the computer as public. 

We strongly recommend that users logging into their OWA email account from any shared (public) computer always log out of their account when finished.  This also applies to any systems.

How do I forward my Pace e-mail?

Students only can forward their Pace e-mail address by following the instructions to the following article: Forwarding Pace Email to a Personal Email Address for Students

I forward my Pace Exchange email to an external account. Will some of my emails still be retained in the Exchange Junk Email folder?

No. If you forward your Exchange email to an external account, all your emails are forwarded by default. Your external email service may or may not filter the emails, so you will need to check that account’s Junk Email folder periodically.

Will the emails in my Junk Email folder be automatically deleted?

No. Currently, emails will remain in your Junk Email folder until you manually delete them or empty the entire folder by right-clicking either the e-mail message or folder and selecting the desired option from the shortcut menu.

How can I designate valid emails in my Junk Email folder as legitimate so they are not sent to the Junk Email folder anymore?

  • click your Junk E-mail folder

  • right-click any email message that you want marked as not junk

  • select Mark as not junk

Note: With both options above, any messages marked as Not Junk are moved back to your Inbox or to the folder they were previously in, and the email address is added to the Safe Senders list.

Calendar FAQ

Does Exchange Calendar have event reminders?

Yes, by default, Exchange Calendar displays a pop-up reminder 15 minutes before an event. You change the reminder time by editing the settings for your calendar.

Can I set up a recurring meeting?

Yes, Exchange Calendar fully supports recurring meetings. To set one up, in your meeting request, select the Repeat icon from the Repeat drop down menu. Select the appropriate time and settings. Once you have selected your options, close the window. 

How long do past events stay on my Exchange calendar?

Your past events remain on your calendar forever, unless you delete them. If you want to view past events, make sure you wait a few seconds for Exchange Calendar to retrieve them for the date you select.

Can I make a meeting private?

Yes, Exchange Calendar has privacy settings. In the event details, check the box Mark as private so others cannot see the name of the event and its details.

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