Recording Extended Absence Phone Greeting Remotely

Pace staff or faculty with an office phone extension can access the Cisco phone system remotely and record an extended absence greeting to let callers know they are away (e.g. vacation).

  1. Dial (212) 346 1212 or (914) 773 3900 or (914) 422 4400
  2. When the system answers press the * key
  3. Enter your 5 digit extension followed by #
  4. Enter your PIN/password followed by #
  5. Press 4 (Set up Options)
  6. Press 1 (Change Greetings)
  7. Press 3 (Edit Other Greetings)
  8. Press 3 (Alternate Greeting)
  9. Press 1 (to record an Alternate Greeting)
  10. Record Alternate Greeting and Press #. (You may proceed to enable this greeting through the phone or use the web access)

  11. Press * to exit the system
  12. When you are ready to enable the extended absence greeting, access and log in using your Portal credentials

  13. Click on Messaging Assistant
  14. Click Greetings at the top of the page and then on View Greetings.
  15. Click Alternate
  16. Click the radio button next to Enabled Until
  17. Enter the date and time that you would like your alternate greeting to play through (i.e. through 4/2/20 at 5:00pm)
  18. Click Save
  19. After the date and time selected your greeting will automatically default back to your standard greeting

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