Skype for Business via Outlook

Joining a Conference Call from a Computer with MS Outlook Client

  1. Open the Conference Call/Meeting Invite on your MS Outlook calendar
    Click the → Join Skype (or Lync) Meeting link in the invite


    You can also join a Conference Call from Outlook Web App (OWA) by signing into and opening the meeting invite from the calendar.

    The Join Meeting Audio window displays with options to join the meeting.

    Use Skype for BusinessUse this option if you have a working computer mic and speakers, or a headset connected to the computer.

    Call me at:

    Use this option if you want the system to call one of the listed phone numbers from the drop-down, or a new number that you can enter (for audio portion only)
    Don't join audioUse this option if you want to call into the conference call separately via phone (for audio portion only)


    A mic and speakers, or a headset, is required to use computer audio. A webcam is required to conduct a video call. Joining via a computer is required for any video and/or computer screen sharing sessions. The "Call me at" option connects both your computer and phone together as one participant and you will be able to mute/unmute yourself via the computer. Phone callers can only participate in the audio portion.
  2. Select your preference to join meeting audio
  3. Click OK

Scheduling a Conference Call (Meeting) via MS Outlook Client

  1. Open Outlook Calendar
  2. Go to Home tab
  3. In the Skype Meeting group, click New Skype (or Lync) Meeting
    The Untitled Meeting window displays with the call-in information included.

  4. Set up the meeting as you typically would:
    1. Add email addresses, subject, and date/time info
    2. Add any other conference call info or meeting agenda
  5. Double-check the information and click Send


Meeting invitees will receive an email in their inbox. When they accept it, it will be added to their Outlook Exchange calendar. If they decline it, it will be removed. The Skype Meeting information can also be added to a pre-existing meeting by reopening it in MS Outlook and then clicking the Skype Meeting button on the top ribbon.

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